The release of white doves at
Funerals and Memorials
is one of the most touching and inspirational messages.

The white dove is a symbol of our Eternal Soul
and when released, returns to it's home.

The release provides Family and Friends a peaceful way to say
Good-bye to a loved one.

.Our Memorial releases are customized to each families needs.

They include a hand release of the
Spirit Dove
followed by a flock of
Angel Doves
that will escort it Home.
A 21 Dove tribute
is available for Servicemen and women who have passed during wartime
and to Peace Officers
killed in the line of duty.

We also have a Spirit Dove cage that is available for Funerals and Viewings.

When placed near the casket, it provides a reminder to all that our Soul does indeed
live on.

"Oh, that I had wings of a dove. For then would I fly away and be at rest."
Psalms 55:6
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Testamonials  ~

Thank you so much for yesterday's Dove release for Frances Rickard.   The family was extremely moved by this ceremony and you could not have been more caring and comforting to us.   These words I am using just do not express how deeply moved and comforted we were with you, the words you spoke and the Dove release.  It was a very moving and peaceful good bye for all of us.   I cannot thank you enough!!!

With deepest heartfelt thank you,

Terrie and the entire Rickard Family